November 2023 shows

【Kabuki-za theatre】November 2nd - 25th (No performance on 10th and 20th)
【Kabuki-za theatre】November 2nd - 25th (No performance on 10th and 20th)
【The National Theatre】No performance
【The National Theatre】No performance


【Kabuki-za theatre】

Matinee start time: 11:00am, end time: 3:40pm(TBC)]

【Performance dates】November 2nd-9th, 11th-19th, 21st-25th

【Programs】 Our rating: ★~★★★★★

1. "Nahabarata Senki" ★★★

Kabuki adaptation of Mahabarata, one of the two major Sankrit epics of acient India. First performed in 2017.

Act 1: 11:00am-12:45pm

Act 2: 1:15pm-2:20pm

Act 3: 2:40pm-3:40pm 

(Performance time is TBC)

Evening show [Start time: 4:00pm. end time: 9:15pm(TBC)]

【Performance dates】November 2nd-9th, 11th-19th, 21st-25th

【Programs】Our rating: ★~★★★★★

1. "Matsuura no Taiko" ★★★★ 

  Historical play. Firstperformed in 1882. Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

2. "Kamakura Sandai-ki" Kinugawamura Kankyo scene ★★★★

  Historival play. First performed: 1794. Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

3. 3 dance programs

1) "Haruno Shirabe Musume Nanakusa"  ★★★★★

  First performed in 1929  Approximately 20 minutes

2) "Sanjya Matsuri" ★★★★★

  First performed in 1832  Approximately 40 minutes

3) "Oshiegusa Yoshiwara Suzume" ★★★★★

  First performed in 1768  Approximately 15 minutes

【The National Theatre】

No performance

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If you would like more information, we will be happy to email youprograms and photographs from the shows.