About your guide

My name is Kazui Yabe, and I am a female Japanese licensed tour guide and a
  volunteer Japanese language teacher. I have seen Japanese traditional stage arts
  such as Kabuki, Bunraku puppet play and Noh, over 700 times.

●My National Guide Certificate registration number is EN0245 by Governor of Tokyo Metropolis.
●I live very close to the Kabuki-za theatre, Shinbashi Enbujyo Theatre and Tsukiji,
  so I love the traditional neighborhood there, and know a lot of about it.

  The following is a sample of my weekend life:
    -Shopping for fresh whole fish at the Tsukiji wholesale fish market in the morning
    -Lunch at a casual restaurant or sushi-bar a
t the Tsukiji inside or outside markets
    -Cooking fish for dinner
    -Walking to Kabuki-za t
heatre, Ginza shopping area etc.


●Seeing Kabuki, Opera and other stage arts                            

small norway.jpg   
●Hiking (the picture above shows me in Norway) 
●Finding and enjoying delicious food, from street stalls to the Michelin starred restaurants all over
  the world

Q1. Why did I start this tour?

Kabuki is very a very fascinating performing arts.I have enjoyed Kabuki for many years! I love all peforming arts such as opera and musicals. I wish to share my many experiences and knowledge; to show guests a part of the Japan I love as a Japanese person.

Q2. When did you start this tour?

March 2010, just before the old Kabuki-za theatre was demolished.

Q3. What is the National Guide Certificate?

The Guide-Interpreter Business Law (Law No. 210 of 1949) stipulates that only

persons who hold National Guide Certifications may work as guide-interpreters for a fee.